Questions & Answers

Here are some quarries, if you have any more questions please send us:

Students and architects around the world can join this competition Also design and art experts or students can participate in this international competition.


Only one proposal will be accepted per team in the architecture of the place competition.


This is an international competition with participants from around the world.


You can start working on the competition once you pay the fees and have the PIN code of your team.


After the payment process, you will get a confirmation email with your private PIN code that you will use during the submission


On the official website of the competition, you will find all the data in the download section ( Video, brief description, drawings 2d, 3d).
Here is the link to the website:


We will clarify all the competition briefs in detail in an open online lecture and we will send emails to the team leaders with the exact time.


There are no social groups for the competition but for any questions, you can send emails to:


Only we will accept the quarries from the team leaders before the deadline of the questions and answers as indicated in the brief of the competition.


Every team will receive one certificate from the competition team after the announcement of the final results.

The maximum high= Ground + 2 floors around 13M

Yes you can! However; you may insert your final team members during the final form submission.

No problem with designing a bridge as long as it will help the proposal concept.

Yes you can add some spaces or remove others as long as it will empower the concept.

The building is for original people of Suhag and for visits and workshops by experts also local and international visitors.

There are no bridges in both sides of nile river to connect the city with the island, only you can use a boats to reach the island.